We are Legitimate towards Refunds and Returns

Turkeysextoy reserves a set of stringent delivery and return policies following which it provides services and products to its customers.

We Deliver Orders Overseas

Turkeysextoy ships products throughout Turkey and other corners of Middle East. Therefore, we accept international payments through Debit and Credit card and other payments mode. For delivering products overseas, we take a minimum of 5 to 10 business days.

Report us within 24 hours for anything Inappropriate

If the customer, under any circumstance, finds that he/she has received a wrong product, it must be reported to us within 24 hours. In case, if he/she fails to inform within this stipulated time, the request for returning the order will not be taken.

We Replace Products and Do Not Refund

The customer can always send a request for returning a product if it seems inappropriate. In such cases, the product will be replaced. However, no request for money refund will be granted.

Damage by the user not to be Considered

If the parcel delivered by us undergoes no damage but the customer later damages it, no return request will be accepted. In such cases, Turkeysextoy will not be answerable for handling these types of cases.

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