5 Tips to Ensure Safe Anal Play

5 Tips for Safe Anal Play

‘Let’s go anal tonight’ – probably, you have said this a thousand times to your partner. Somehow, you were not confident for safe anal play. Well, anal sex is more about communication and reciprocation. Both should know that this erotic act needs maturity, safety, and understanding. So, the more aware you are, the safer is your anal play.

Ensure Safe Anal Play with 5 Tips and Tricks

Anal sex has to do a lot with the anus. Although it is obvious, many are unaware that it is that part of the body comprising numerous nerve endings. So, if you think you will give it a lusty treatment, drop the idea. Instead, let us find out from the following tips on how to ensure safe anal play for both partners:

1. Ask your partner if it is okay to go Anal

Forget any expectation that your partner will say yes to anal sex. It is a sensitive erotic act where consent is essential from both ends. Discuss and make this mutual, or otherwise, things would not go well. When you both will decide, the consequence will be pleasant. If any of you plan to initiate the plan later, it’s fair enough. Just don’t mess it up!

2. Stay squeaky clean to maintain Hygiene

Cleanliness is a must when it’s about anal sex. What most do is clean up the private parts after the performance. But what’s crucial also is cleaning up beforehand. This keeps both partners hygienic. The cleaner you are, the safer you will be, and the safer you are, the happier you will be.

3. Take help of more lube to eliminate pain

Lube and lovemaking serve as the best pair in bed. When it is anal play, you need to make extensive use of lubricant. Apply a bit at the tip of your finger or anal dildo and insert slowly. Since the lube will moisten the anal area, insertion will not be painful. Make sure you take a good amount and apply it accordingly for safe anal play.

4. Go for an anal dildo to ensure safety

Fingers are good for sexual arousal. But when you use them to stir the anus, an anal dildo will be a safer choice. These dildos are meant for safe anal play as they come with narrow heads. So, the moment you lube it up and insert it, you will feel good. Remember, the experience has to be good; so, why not an anal dildo?

5. Try going anal in style

Don’t just start with anal play; it might get embarrassing. The best way to start is foreplay. Start caressing your partner and slowly touch the butt. Rub the booties hard till you sense arousal. Once done, bring out the butt plug or the anal vibrator for more action. Whichever way you are going, make sure there is fun, comfort, and safety.

Last Words

If there is anal play in your mind, it’s cool. All you need is some basic understanding of this sexual act. You need to ensure the safety of your partner. So, being wild will always not work out. If it’s the first time, make sure you communicate and proceed. Just go through the above tips for safe anal play and you will have a blast. However, if you wonder where to get anal dildos, an online store of sex toys in Turkey would be the place to go.

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